Freedom Fire

Every second Friday of each month, Kansas Mission Church serves at our local inner city mission program called Freedom Fire. Please visit for more information, or see the KMC Google Calendar to know when we will serve next.

Contact: John Park, [email protected]

One grateful Freedom Fire mother, living in federal housing, wrote the following after her children attended a Freedom Fire camp:

“Thank you guys, from all the mothers of the children, for all that you do. Thank you for keeping our children safe. Thank you for keeping our children smiling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being positive role models for my children to look up to. Thank you, thank you! I am forever grateful.”

The Freedom Fire staff is also appreciative of those who sponsored campers and helped them have a fun, meaningful experience at camp. Indeed, the camps and other activities of Freedom Fire are making a difference in hundreds of kids’ lives.

Check out the video:

If you would like to support the ministry, you can make a contribution on the Freedom Fire website ( using PayPal. You may also mail checks to Freedom Fire, PO Box 270061, KC MO 64127. Please make checks payable to Freedom Fire. To find out about volunteer opportunities please contact them via the website.

Honduras Ministries

If you are interested in sponsoring a child in Honduras, please visit their website and click Child Sponsor. Not only would you help feed, clothe, and send that child to school, but he/she will also hear the gospel.

Contact:  Dennis Cho, [email protected]

Mission to the World

Ben and Julie Jensen are long term missionaries working with the MTW church-planting team in Japan’s third largest city, Nagoya. Currently they’re living just outside of Nagoya in Okazaki to attend language school.

To learn more about their ministry, please visit


Joe and Joyce in the Middle East

Due to the sensitivity of their ministry location, limited information has been released. Please be patient as we gather more solid information. Continue to pray for the Middle East.